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Unable to Login

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Unable to Login (post #68806)

From Biscuit:
I was just at CT browsing to see if my login problem has been fixed, and NO, not fixed, and saw a post by Jason someone who posted a long thing on the things that HAVE been fixed.

Would someone mind please making a post to Jason in that thread "Forum Transfer Status Update" FROM me stating that I STILL cannot login or post or do anything other than lurk. When I TRY to login my e-mail and password are accepted (it seems) and I am sent to my Biscuit profile page, but that's it. I can't go any further and I'm not listed as logged in nor can I post.

It's been weeks. Can someone PLEASE fix it? It would be great, thanx.

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I haven't forgotten about (post #68806, reply #1 of 1)

I haven't forgotten about you, Biscuit, I promise! I'll pester our developer again and see if I can't get you to the top of his must-fix list.

I'm so sorry you still can't post!