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Which Master Cook should I buy?

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I currently have a very old version of Mastercook - version 3.

Stop laughing.

Anyway, I want to upgrade, and I can buy Version 6 for $3.00, Version 7 for $6 and Version 8 for $18

Considering that 6 is dirt cheap, I'm leaning toward buying it.

Are there new features/recipes in 7 or 8 that make them much more spectacular than 6?

You live and learn. At any rate, you live..

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I have Version 6, which is fine, although I no longer use it (I'd send you mine but the postage would be more than $3!). That said the general rule is buy the latest version you can because it tends to last longer and make better use of your PC's facilities, the exception to this rule is never buy first release (version .0) as usually they haven't fixed all the bugs. V8 has been out over 6 months so should be OK, it includes simplified web import and a bigger ingredient and recipe database. If you just want to update your stuff from V3 buy V6, if you want to collect new stuff as well buy V8.

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I remember having problems transferring recipes from 3 to 6. There is  help on line if you need it. Schnitzel knows where.

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Schnitzel knows EVERYthing.   ;o)


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 If you have XP, I believe that I read that version 6 does not work well with it.
 The copy features and internet features are supposed to be quite a bit better on the most recent verison.  The publishing cookbook creation thingy is supposed to be easier.
  I have 7, works fine for me.

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I have Windows 2000, so that shouldn't be a big issue.

I think I'll go with 7, since it doesn't cost that much more.

Is it true that Sierra doesn't actually own Mastercook anymore?


You live and learn. At any rate, you live..
- Douglas Adams


Save the Earth! It's the only planet with wine and chocolate.

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That is true.  It is owned by ValuSoft now or is it ValueSoft...

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I have XP and Version 6 of Mastercook - no problems for me.

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Over the years I have gone through every version of Master Cook...I just got the latest for Christmas and I love it... one new feature is an MC tool that allows you to "copy/import" a recipe rather easily from most sites with the use of a side panel.  Hard to explain, but nice.

Master Cook is my treat to myself every few years and usually is around 20 bucks, but I am sure that there are some bargains out there after Christmas and into Spring.   

I have never bought any used software from Amazon or any other site, but I have bought used books and I have never been disappointed.  Most of the sellers are pretty honest.