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Where is the iPad apps?

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I'm looking the the iPad apps for this:

and can't find it anywhere.  Is it possible you don't have it?  I would be surprised.




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Digital Issues (post #71615, reply #1 of 6)

Hi Mireille,

The complete Fine Cooking archive is not available via app. However, CooksClub members—that is paying subscribers to—can sign in and view all recent digital issues on their iPads here.

Hope this helps.

-CT Mods

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Digital edition (post #71615, reply #3 of 6)

I am sorry to say that on my iPad, the digital edition is so low res as to be unreadable.  I hope for a real iPad edition, that would be awesome!


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View all recent digital issues??? (post #71615, reply #4 of 6)

So I click on the highlighted link as provided I get nothing but a sign in option that doesn't work. 

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Digital issues (post #71615, reply #5 of 6)

Hi Pie & ICD,

The digital issues are optimized for iPad 2, so you if you have the original iPad 1, that may be contributing to the low-rez quality. We'll get our hands on an older iPad and test.

For ICD, are you sure your subscription to still active? If it is, you should have been able to see the digital issues once you signed in. As a test, go to the member page and click on a different piece of members-only content (signed in). If the article or video comes up, then there's a problem with the digital issues. If it doesn't, then it's a problem with your sign in or your subscription to the site has expired. If your subscription is still active, are you sure you used the proper email and password to sign in?

We'll figure this out. . . 

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Thanks! (post #71615, reply #6 of 6)

Hey thanks Mods!  Okay, so I do have an iPad2, but when I went back and looked again, the resolution looked a lot better.  Before, when I zoomed in, the text was very blurry, but now it looks much crisper-- just like the magazine.  There are still some oddments, like in the cabbage article in 115, the text on the left side of the stuffed cabbage recipe looks dark and the text on the right looks light, but it is much more readable!  

Cheers, Jen

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Thank you. I was interested (post #71615, reply #2 of 6)

Thank you.

I was interested into the magazine archives.