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Tracking FC Recipes

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Does anyone have an easy method for importing fine cooking recipes? Currently, I am using a recipe database (Now Your Cooking) along with the scanner on my home PC. Normally, I use the character recognition component by it's only about 85% effective.

Does anyone have any better ideas for importing the recipes without the hassle of typing them?


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Do you mean from the print copy or from the web site?

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Sorry, from the print copy. Ideally, FC would have a web site like Food & Wine or Epicruious and then I would not have this problem.

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True, but they don't.  Scanning is likely your best option

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I have it down to about 2 minutes per recipe. Scan using the OCR, dump it in MSWord, select all the text, get rid of the formatting for your own style then spell check. Save in your appropriate folder/subfolder.

I found that OmniPage is not a user friendly product and went back to TextBridgePro. (alas Omni bought out Textbridge) It works well for me because I end up with the same format, Title, ingredients and text and saved in a font style and size that I can read without my glasses.

Here is the finished product from a recipe on page 41 of the latest FC. Start to finish was 3 minutes. I have found that the OCRs do not work well with certain publications such as newspapers...they have more errors. FC, Saveur, BA all are wonderful. You only find the odd mistake, usually where the page was folded over and the scan was fading.

Hope this helps


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Thanks, for your help.  I am using Paperport so that may be causing some of my conversion problems.  I will give the product you mentioned a try.  Thanks for your help.

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When I stop and think about it, OCR, is pretty cool technology. 



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Dear BoatCook:

NYC has a wonderful way of importing recipes from the web.  Just highlight the recipe, include everything the title, directions and serving size, etc.  Click edit at the top of the screen, select copy, close minimize the screen.  Open up NYC, close anything on the screen.  Click on recipe tab, select Screen Import.  That brings up a window that's blank, click on edit at top of screen, select paste.  Your recipe is there. 

Now select (highlight) the title, then click the title button on the right side of the screen, do the same with the ingredients, directions.  When your done select import, then close out of that window and select recipe at the top of you screen, then click on recipe with no catagory, your recipe should be there, click on and open up recipe, check for any corrections, give recipe a catagory and save.  You can also import pictures to the recipe, let me know if you need help with that part.  This works with scanned recipes also.

Also NYC has a new update version 5.70. 





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Thanks for the info, but the problem I run into is that my scanner never seems to get the recipe correct and most fine cooking recipes are not available on the web. I have used NYC for several years and am happy with the product but it doesn't help if I don't have the receipe in a decent electronic format.

Do you have any recommendations on a scanner / scanning package that will convert the recipes to something NYC can import without botching the conversion?

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Eagerly awaiting the answer to that question. The OCR that came with my scanner is the dreaded Omni and needs so much editing that it's just as easy to type in the info.  sigh.

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I'm sorry I misunderstood your question. 

Also I didn't know Fine Cooking didn't put all their recipes on the web.  I use Cook's Illustrate on the web that I pay $19.00 a year to get all their recipes.  I wish Fine Cooking did that.

I did scan a recipe from Fine Cooking, then transfer it to Word Document, then imported it to NYC and you are right, there is a lot of correcting to do.

I think it might be helpful to contact NYC to see if they have any work around for this problem.  If they do I will post it as soon as I know anything.

I'm so thankful someone put the Pumpkin Tart in the forum to import to my cookbook.  Yesterday was my first time at F/C's forum, and I'm glad I did.

Till next time.


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This doesn't directly answer your question, but here is a method that works for me.

I have the last two years of FC magazines - all my older ones are stored at my son's house on the mainland.  (He doesn't mind at all.)
I converted these 12 issues to electronic format using my digital camera.  I found it faster to do the whole issue (one page per picture) than to pick through (& get side-tracked). 
Next, I use Adobe Acrobat to combine all the pages into a single PDF file. (One PDF per issue)
I tried the OCR but the results were underwhelming. 
I can snap all (aprox)84 pages in 9 minutes, so with the computer conversion each issue took about 20 minutes.

Acrobat allows you to add indexing for favorite pages (which I haven't done yet) but somewhere on this forum there is a FC index that you can download.

Adobe is currently offering a 30 day free tryout of Acrobat 7, so if you plan carefully - you can do it at no cost. 



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