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Recipe software that supports scanning

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First post.  Apologies if subject old.

I have a recipe clipping collection that I want to organize and save.  I want to scan the recipes into a recipe management software program.  Any suggestions?

Most I have checked out do not seem support scanning.

As an alternative, any self help books to manage this hoarding disorder?  I don't have enough years left to ever try all these recipes.


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You'll get a lot of recommendations on software.  What I've done is to print out recipes I want to try, then put them into notebooks according to category.  Once a recipe is tried and found good, I move it to the front of the notebook.

I think Peter Durand keeps categories on his computer, then just prints out recipes he likes.  That seems to work well for him.

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I keep them in my computer.  Most everything I can copy and paste into word.  I have categories, ex. meat, salads etc.  I will print out a recipe, and if it works for me I put it into loose leaf notebooks that I also have labeled meats, salads, etc.  If I don't like the recipe I just delete it on the computer.  Needless to say, I still have more too many on the computer then I need, but it is a start.

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But I think she is talking about scanning in already printed recipes. I know a lot of people here scan recipes to share here. Can you not just use the scanner of your printer (as I have) and save them to a document file. Then organize them as to categories in sub-files?


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It is what I do. I scan them and OCR using the scanner's software. Them send the thing to Word for easy proof reading and formatting to a style I like. Start to finish usually takes 3-5 minutes. Depending on how many errors in the OCR phase. Then save to the appropriate sub folder in the main recipe folder.


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I use Mastercook 9 and scan recipes all the time.  Can also download direct from the internet as long as  you don't have Vista OS.

I scan into a word file, copy it into MC with the Import Assistant function.  Takes maybe two minutes from scan to file save.


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Are you on a Mac or PC?

I use MacGourmet, and if you scanned a recipe, it would be easy to transfer it to MacGourmet, you can drag from a word file or web page to create a new recipe.

Also for a Mac, the Recipe Manager allows you to import a file from a clipboard, which would be easy from any document you scanned.