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Recipe Software for an Apple Computer

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Does anyone have experience with software for a Mac computer. i just switched after my PC was stolen (along with all my recipes :( so I'm starting fresh.

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Go the Apple web site ( and browse 1. The widget section- there is one for recipes and then go to the 2) Download section for OS-X and check out the full fledged programs available for recipe etc management. Look at the subsection headings for types of programs available ie home and learning is the one I believe I saw a recipe managment program. If you need more help- just ask.

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Thanks for your reply. I will check it out. Are there any recipes programs you've tried on Apple that you especially like? I used Mastercook on my PC, but I never got really good at it. I'm hoping to be able to both download from the internet and scan from a hard cover cookbook. Any info is greatly appreciated :).

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Google for "mastercook mac". I took a quick look and there are several listed which indicate being able to import files from either PC or Mac versions of Mastercook so there must be some similar programs out there. The orig prg I have will still work in the Classic mode but not on OS Xx. The new OS X is unix based and requires different programming. We'll likely be looking too if future versions of OS X won't run classic programs.