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hi - just wondering if anyone has found a terrific recipe software program that allows you to import your own recipes as well as those found online.  would also love to find a program that offers "publishing" your own cookbook for extended family distribution.  thanks for any info

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I am now putting together my 2nd and 3rd cookbooks. I love my master cook 8, although they have a master cook 9. It is great I can, import recipes, I printed and published my firts book myself. It was the recipes I in herited from my Husbands Grand Mother. His Grandmother was so wonderful about writing down where she found the recipe, or who gave it to her. I was going to have a Co. priont ir for me, was going to cost several thousand dollars for the 25 books I wanted. It was alot of work, but I printed all the copies myself,along with family pictures etc. I took them to Kinkos and had them bound for about $5.00 each. I did print them on 30 pound paper rather than 20 pound, and for the pictures, I printed those on 110 pound brite white, for photos. It turned out beatifully,and I put one in each of my Christmas baskets. I start baking the first of November, and spend the entire month baking cookies, and candy. I bake about ten hours a day in November...

When I first moved to Florida I didn't know any of my hubands family, so the first Christmas I made a small little 1 pound tin of cookies and candy. Now 16 years later they are huge baskets, each year they seem to grow, as the family shrinks. By the first of December you can not walk through my living room for all the cookies. I bake about 100 dozen a day or more, and then vac seal them so they stay fresh. A few years ago I took a chocloate course, and for the last two years I have been making Chocolate Christmas ornaments covered in Gold leaf... I saw and advertisement where Artisans were making them and selling them for 150.00 each. It only costs a few dollars to make one. I also put a small crystal ornament inside so they have an ornament after they eat their chocolate one. Last year I went through more than 150 pounds of chocolate....For our sons (17th) Birthday I made him one, and we put the keys to his new Mustang inside. It was not my idea to give a mustang to a teenage boy. It was my husbands, but I found out that his dad gave him a new Thunderbird rag top when he turned 17. I guess sometimes stupidity is passed down. LOL We have paid more in insurance for it that we paid for the car, over the last three years. He is 20 now, studying Astro Physics, at Notre Dame. The good part is that he can't take a car to school with guess what....MOM gets the car while he is at school. LOL Is that mean or just kills him that I drive it now, it kills him more that is is in my name. LOL He found that out the first time I asked if I could use it to run to the hardware store. (my car was in the shop) He did not want me driving it, I just said... I think you better look at the title.....He was not a happy camper, and he went to the hardware store for me. LOL

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Hi, cookiewiz, and welcome to CT.  I'm so glad you printed out the family recipes.  I did that one year for Christmas, and I still look up recipes sometimes in "our" cookbook.  It's a wonderful way to preserve memories.

Speaking of Mustangs, I have to agree with you about not giving one to a teenager.  My husband just gets furious everytime he sees the current ad for a Mustang, the one which shows the father and teenage boy who is driving like an idiot, and the father says "See, it's not a toy."  Then he smiles and suggests "want to do it again?"  I know it's just acting, but wonder how funny the father would think it is when they wake him at 3 a.m. and tell him his son ran the car into a ditch.  Sounds like your son is bright enough to handle it, though.

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That is true he is very bright, but....sometimes I swear a box of rocks has it all over him...LOL Right after we gave him the car, he went on a class trip up to North Carolina, for a running camp. When he got back the battery was dead, he had left the lights on.... He called me to come give him a jump, but I was fixing dinner. I said "Andrew isn't there anyone out there that can give you a jump?' He said "yeah, but where do they keep the jumper cables in a new car?"

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thanks - i bought master cook 9 and am slowly figuring it out!

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It does take some work, but I am on another cooking forum...who would have guessed..... I was told about it several years ago. I love my copy. plus you get all those extra books with the program. You can't beat it for the cost.