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printing (post #57178)

Hello all ,  I am new on the board and so far it looks like a very informative group.

I looked at serveal strings of interest and when I found an interesting receipe "creamed crab cakes" and wanted to print it but  could not find info how to print just that mesage or the entire thread.  When I did go to print it printed all the message heading.               Any help appreciated.    loueh 

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Hi Loueh, and welcome! I find it much easier to just copy the recipes and paste them into Word documents... then it's very simple to print them when I want them. :-)

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I do the same. 


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Did you check the Options button in the post in the lower left corner - it should let you print just that message.


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Thank you all very kindly for the info on printing. There is so much good info here and just so little time it seems.      Thanks all