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MasterCook Question

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To begin with, I'm not very handy at the computer, so talk slow and in words I can understand, okay?

I have Master Cook 6 and 7 on my computer. How can I get all my cookbooks into one spot. #6 has 31 and #7 has 26. I use some from each and dislike having to switch back and forth all the time. Thanks.

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How well do you know computers?

Do all of the cookbooks have unique names?

you can just drag them through "My Computer" and update the index, BUT, they have to have unique names in order to do so.

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With good instructions I can probably do it.

My cookbooks all have names.

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k..then this is fairly easy.  You hopefully have a "My Computer" icon on your desktop. 

Open my computer
click on the C drive
click on the most recent version of mastercook
if I remember correctly there is a folder called cookbooks, click on that, you will see all the cookbooks there.
Leave this window open
Go back to the desktop
Open my computer again (you should have two windows open now)
click on the c drive
click on an older version of mastercook
click on cookbooks
right click on the cookbook you want to move, drag it to the
cookbook folder of the newer version of mastercook (the first open window)
click copy here
do this with each cookbook

After you have moved them all,
open mastercook
update indexes

My class is back..will check on you later.



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Yes, that worked just fine but I haven't had much time to work with it. I'm headed out of town today for 2 days and I'll get this all done when I get back. Thanks for the instructions.