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MasterCook question

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I know that a few others here have the new Master Cook 8.0 and I am wondering if I am the only one that can not add a recipe from this site to the recipe list. 

The program installs an icon on the top tool bar.  When you click it on it appears on the left side of your window.  When you want to use this great feature, you can start with the Title of the recipe and continue on with the rest of the fields until you have what you want and click on "Add to Recipe List".  When you are completely finished you click on the "list" and it will automatically put it into Master Cook where you categorize etc. 

This feature does not work on this site. 

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I only have version 6.2, so I can't answer your question.  I wanted to let you know that their is a Yahoo group (MasterCookdiscussion) that you can join.  They are extremely helpful.  If no one here knows the answer, they should be able to help.


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Thank you for your response...I think I'll head over there if no one from here can answer my question, but it seems to be only a problem with this site. 

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Picked up my copy of the version 8 yesterday and have found the same problem as you have described.  It's the pits--most of the recipes I want copies of are on this site!! :)  I can copy the recipes here to word and then use the import assistant--but it takes awhile...Please let me know if you come up with a fix!


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Have you got Version 8 yet MC?  Have you found the same problem with trying to use that new internet import tool to snap up recipes from this site?--It works so beautifully with other sites.....


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No.  I have version 7. 

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so far the only problem that I have is right here in CT City.  I love the feature, but most recipes etc are from CT.  I don't have a clue what is going on with MC and selective sites???

I do love the program...