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Mastercook  (post #57203)

Finally got around to doing the scary.

I backed up my MasterCook 8 and then deleted it.  Installed the Betty Crocker version then reinstalled V.8 and it all went smooth as silk - 8 detected Betty Crocker and imported all the files and I was then able to add my "Family Recipes" cookbook back in from the backup, so that now I have one giant database of recipes that I need to explore more fully.

1 - measure the board twice, 2 - cut it once, 3 - measure the space where it is supposed to go        4 - get a new board and go back to step 1



" There'll be no living with her now" - Captain Jack Sparrow

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thanks for the tiop, I had not thought about that.Of course now it is not such a big deal, I now have my very own computer that I don't have to share with anyone!!!!!