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Master Cook Backup

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Hello everybody!

I haven't posted any messages for a long time, I have been busy with school starting for my two kids, and work, and getting organized etc . . .

Now that I'm a little bit more organized, I hava a question for you who use Mastercook, I have Mastercook 6 and I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a backup of my cookbooks - has anyone ever had this problem before?

Thank you for your help.



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If you have a CD writer, just back up on CD just as you do anything else. You will be backing up "My Collection". When windows opens .....programs>sierra>mastercook>cookbooks>my collection>.

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Thank you, I don't know why I didn't think of that ! Dumb me!! I just thought I was supposed to copy it from the part of the program called MasterList.

I will do that right away !



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I can attest that Hambiscuit's advice works.  Even if you don't have a CD burner, keeping a spare copy of that folder elsewhere on your computer is better that nothing.

I recently installed a second copy of MC6 on a wireless laptop that travels into the kitchen with me.  Here is the process if anyone else is planning this:

Copy the contents of your saved 'My Collection' over the top of the contents in the same folder of the new install.  Then, open the MC program, go to TOOLS/REFRESH FILE LIST. 

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