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Master Cook #7

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I recently purchased Master Cook #7.

I am learning how to use it and I am enjoying it.

I have one problem that I cannot seem to get figured out.  I have turned off the Nutrition feature as I do not want it to print on the recipe.  But, each time I print the recipe the nutrition facts print.

Does anyone use this program and if so, can you help me.

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I am trying to do the same thing, but I have not really studied the thing yet...I am always copy and pasting recipes in the directions and I really do not have a ton of my own recipes with a nice ingredients list.  The ingredient list is printed when I choose a style...If I find what you are looking for, I will let you know...anyone else know the cure?

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I have found out how to copy and paste ingredients into the ingredient list:

Open the recipe you want to copy, highlight the ingredients, right click and click on copy.

Open your cookbook, click on new recipe and go to file at the top of your page.  Then click on Import Assistant.  An Import Assistant screen will come up.

Right click on that screen and click copy.  Your ingredients will be there.

Then go to the bottom of the same screen to where it says select a recipe field.  Using the arrow, scroll down until you come to ingredients.

Then go up above and highlight your recipe.  You will see the little box down by where you selected ingredients now will be a darker color and it will say move to recipe.  Be sure to move your mouse over to the recipe screen where the ingredients should be listed.  Then click on the little box that says move to recipe.  When you do this, your ingredients will move over to the correct place.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  It works great and you will have the ingredients in the correct place.

Now if we can figure out how to get rid of the nutrition info that will be good.  My program did not come with a book, did yours?


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Thanks so much...I was copying and pasting each ingredient line by line if I even bothered with it at all...who knew?

I don't have a book either...the older versions had one and maybe I can find out something from one of them...I'll let you know if there is anything.  I give recipes along with a gift of food and I always want that analysis gone!

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I am glad that worked for you.  I am determined to figure this out, because I know once we figure it out, it will be great!

I finally figured out how to print the cookbook in a booklet style.  Yeah!!!!Of course I have been here since 5:00 A.M. trying to do so.

If you learn any nifty tricks, let me know and I will do the same.


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I only have #6, but the way I do this is select a print design, (actually one I have designed and I will say, not easy) then go to 'file, edit design,  then 'palette' then under the options "Hide" the nutritional analysis, also the nutritional summary. There are two nutritional things you need to hide. Clear as mud? As I say, I only have version 6

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Hi Dixie,

Yes, that helped very much.  #7 is someone different, but by following what you said, I was able to figure it out - I think. 

thanks so much!  I really want to be able to use this program so it is easy to work with.

I am wondering if I have to make the selections for each recipe in the Edit Print Design.  I would think once the selections were made, it would be for the entire cookbook.  But, so far it doesn't seem to be.


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This morning I have been trying to figure out how to print the recipes in a form of a booklet.  The help menu is of no help.

I am thinking it needs to print in a landscape direction, but I can't figure it out.  I want it it to look like the church cookbooks, Gooseberry Patch etc.

Any ideas on this?  Hopefully it is very simple and I just haven't gotten it.

thanks again.


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I am wondering if I have to make the selections for each recipe in the Edit Print Design.  I would think once the selections were made, it would be for the entire cookbook.  But, so far it doesn't seem to be.

Yes, it is there for the entire cookbook, but since I don't have the #7, I cannot tell you how to do this. You can select the entire cook book and have it print as you want. I wish I had more info on #7, but I could not justify this as #6 seems to work for me.

I think Mastercook (whatever the number) is wonderful, but I also think it is one of the most frustrating programs to work with as far as designing/printing. I started with Version 4, had the same problems with designing the way I want my recipes to print.  Since then I have upgraded to version 5 and then version 6. It is still wonderful and still frustrating if you are trying to design your own print design. The only thing I can tell you is - it is there and it may take you some time to define it just the way you want it, but in my case took a lot of trial and error.

So what do you (or anyone ) think is different with version 7 vs 6?

Edited to say I have never tried to print as a booklet - I can do 1 or 2 columns (which I don't do) -  I just want recipes to print out in one page or on a 4x6 card.

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I was just in a recipe and had to do some editing...just a quick version of what I did.  I clicked on the Nutritional Analysis and right clicked and it had an option of hide...I was able to remove several things from the recipe and did a preview and it worked.  I am short on time at the moment so I can not get back to did print without the nutritional stuff.