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mac woes

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mac woes (post #57167)

thanks for all the advice on purchasing software . I have ordered mastercook 7 should be here in a couple of weeks. Now my husband is telling me that yes he has virtual pc on his mac but it is not activated because he has to pay about $500 to do so???? I have a laptop pc on loan from a friend  so hopefully i could at least try it for a while.  Must get my own pc soon

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I am on a Macintosh. And I copy recipes from all over the internet. I just copy and then paste them into an Appleworks document. I always begin with the URL address, hit return a couple of times, copy the recipe, and then paste it into the document. I name the document by the name of the recipe. Then when done for that, I put the documents on my desktop into folders labeled RECIPES 01 and RECIPES 02. 01 has recipes arranged alphabetically A to L, and 02 has M to Z. If I come across at a later time, say a second or third recipe for "Chocolate Cake" I go back to the document name and add 02, or 03, or whatever is appropriate, before adding it to the file folder. Then I go to the original recipe I had for "chocolate cake" and add 01 to that recipe. That way, in the folder, they follow in sequence

Chocolate Cake 01

Chocolate Cake 02

Chocolate Cake 03,

and so on. If I want to check out my recipes for a particular one, I open the file folder and go to the names I want. Or, if I am not sure just what I labeled that recipe as, I go to the FIND feature, and ask it to find all documents with the word, "Chocolate". Then it shows everyplace I have such an item, what hard drive it is on (I have 3 hard drives on my computer with over 30 Gigabits of memory. I have computers all over the house, and they are all networked, so I seldom print any thing out. I do back up with a CD writer periodically, so that if anything should crash, my files are retrievable and replacable. This really works for me and save on ink, paper, and my time. I am a retired librarian with over 10,000 cookbooks, and just use the organizational formats that worked best for me when I was working. Hope this helps. betty

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Thanks,sounds interesting, I can try that too.

What's even more interestingis what do you with 10,000 cookbooks, and how many recipes have you tried from each?

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Us MAC's do have our problems don't we?
I use Conoisseur. Bought it on-line. It has a test period.
Has everything all the others do. I had a problem with entering a recipe once and it gives the option to report a software problem. I did and actually got a response within a day!!! I have never gotten that before. I like it.

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why am i getting a thread from 2003 now? Am I that far behind with my mail?

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Newbies often go spelunking!

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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$500 for VPC? No way. You can buy a new copy, which includes Windows XP Home Edition, for $219. However, you'd better have a fast Mac...

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