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Mac OS X users-Finally recipe software

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Finally, there is extremely usuable recipe software for OS X. I have been a longtime Mastercook user even in old, cranky Classic. I hated having to use it. I have tried almost every software program that I found online and still wasn't happy. Several years ago I tried The Recipe Manager and although it had promise, there were just too many things that it couldn't do (scaling, sorting shopping lists by store section or layout and nutritional database). I had a very responsive give and take with the folks there. They seemed to hear my suggestions and I waited for an update. And I waited. And I waited. Nothing. I gave up.

I tried a few programs and finally settled on MacGourmet which offered some of what I wanted. But the set up was a little weird and very glitchy. It was hard to scale and measurements would not end up quite right on my shopping lists. It wasn't easy to set up Meals. It didn't make me happy. Although the programmer was very responsive, I figured it would be years before it would be what I wanted.

Then I found out that they were FINALLY coming out with an upgrade for The Recipe Manager. The import from websites is so much better. It is very easy to import from Mastercook. The shopping lists allow you to have as many stores as you want on one list and even set them up by layout. It now has a decent scaling feature. Not only can you easily set up Meals, there is a Meal calendar included. It also is very appealing to look at. The only thing it doesn't do yet is figure out a Nutritional Analysis of your recipe, but it does have a database included. I've emailed the programmers and they are still working on it.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a demo. You have to pop for the $39.95 unless you're upgrading from the prior version. Even still, I would highly recommend it because I am now happy.

It can be ordered from

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Thanks for posting this. Sounds interesting.

My sister recently downloaded a recipe programme from the Apple website that she loves. I have to find out what it is so I can compare with Recipe Manager. There are three listed on Apple's downloads site IIRC. I used to have Mastercook for Mac (AGES ago, LOL!), but found it so cumbersome that I stopped using it.

Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
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I have made do with the old Mastercook for years because there was really nothing to replace it with. I will let you compare the two programs and see what you think. I would like programs that let you scan in recipes. that would be wonderful. I don't want to type in all my recipes.I will have to check out recipe master to see if it has this function. The folks at the Apple store has a program that they recommended to download but it was just too cumbersome. I will be thrilled especially if I can import my old files from Mastercook.

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One thing I would really like in my recipe software is the ability to do a nutritional analysis. I'm trying to lose some weight, but more than that, I would like to have a better grasp of the nutritional value of what my family eats. I've been really surprised by some recipes that I thought were healthy, particularly in the amount of hidden fats. Scanning would be good too ;-)

Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell

Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
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The Nutritional Analysis is my biggest request for this program. They are working on it and I have no idea how long it will take to implement and what form it will take. You can look up each ingredient in the included database, but that is pretty time-consuming. Still, as a recipe software application, it offers pretty much everything else in an easy-to-use package. Unless you want to purchase Virtual PC and then a Windows application like Living Cook or Mastercook, I personally think that this is by far the best there is. I had a Personal Chef business for 5 years and I really give my recipe software a work-out. That is why I have tried so many other applications. It's also why I've posted this here. I've always been a Mac user and the recipe software issue has been one of frustration for me and I think for other Mac users. I wanted to let others know that there is a usable app out there.

Scanning. I would like being able to directly scan as well, but this is also not included. Still the work-around is pretty easy. Just scan the document and create a text file (Text Edit or Word), copy the information to the clipboard and import into The Recipe Manager from the clipboard. They give you an easy-to-use template to organize the recipe. This sounds more complicated than it is.

Hope this helps.

Care Morgenstern

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Thanks!  I will  look into it.  I used to use MasterCook years ago and I miss it. 

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Thank You!!!!

My wife has been using Computer Cuisine Deluxe 3.5 on her iMac for a while and she seems to get along with it OK. It runs on top of Filemaker and so you have to type in a FM password everytime, which I hate.
follow Dav'es adventures as he learns to cook
follow Dave's adventures as he learns to cook
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I looked at the site for recipe manager but I could not figure out if it can import from the scanner. It just mentions that it imports from of variety of sites. Anyone know the answer?

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So long as you have scanned a recipe using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) software then you can import the recipe using the manual recipe import window. This allows you to import recipes from the clipboard, regardless of their format. The manual recipe import window is the same one that you use for importing online recipes. You import from the clipboard and then it has a structure for organizing the recipe so that it will work in The Recipe Manager. It is a pretty simple process.


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Well, that makes things easy. I guess I will order recipe manager.Thank you for the great information.

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Does TheRecipeManager allow you to e-mail recipes like MacGourmet does? Not in any sort of proprietary format, just as text in an e-mail or easily readable document.


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You can export it to your clipboard and paste it into an email or export it as a plain text file into Text Edit. It doesn't actually open it in a new email like MacGourmet. However, according to their website they are looking into having it open directly in an email in some future version.

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How right you are, Javajane!!! I have also been searching for a recipe manager that would do the things that mastercook used to do for me. And I have tried the program you refer to, but somehow it does not do it for me. I am such a Mac addict that I just don´t know what to do. Does anyone out there know of a program that will manage recipes AND give you a nutritional analysis?

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Sorry that you didn't like The Recipe Manager. Even though it's not perfect, I still think that it's the best of the lot and it basically works for me, except for the lack of nutritional database. I still haven't found any other recipe software for the Mac that has a nutritional database. I didn't realize that it was so hard to create. Mastercook always had it.

Good luck and maybe someone else has found the "Mac recipe manager holy grail".

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Thanks, Javajane! Well, I guess we can both keep our eyes open for that software. I promise I will write as soon as something turns up. I cannot believe that some creative geek has not come up with the idea of creating just what we Mac cooks want. It can`t be that hard....

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You should check out the latest version of The Recipe Manager. It looks like the recently released (Aug. 9) version has the nutritional analysis you're looking for.

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I will download it and see if the glitches I experienced are gone. i wasn't all that happy but I am ready for a new program. I keep hoping that Mastercook will appear for MAcs. I know that is silly. They may even be out of business.

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They are not out of business


Might drop them an email and let them know that you and a number of people are just waiting for the Mac version.

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I actually joined the yahoo group to see if they knew anything but could not get access. I will keep trying.

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I did get a note from the people that now own Mastercook and there will be NO MAC version. Oh, well.

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thank you jenny. i will. i will let you know how it works out

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Please do. I'm trying the demo version of MacGourmet before committing the $$. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.