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MAC Gourmet (post #57199)

I went to the Apple store to discuss all the issues and ask for suggestions. They had Recipe manager but the person at the Studio decided that this was a better program. He did transfer my recipes from OX9 or whatever that had been on my computer forever and that I had transferred from computer to computer. However, I am not impressed. No folders, just a list. That doesn't work for me. It is new and he is basically just out of beta so it is a work in progress. Also it does not seem to import well by scanning. Everything seems to be more difficult than my old MasterCook, He told me that I was not flexible but I do not think this is me. He had trouble transferring the files because the directions were not clear. However, now that it is done and I have the free down load I think I will try Recipe Manager unless someone has a better suggestions. The designer from MAC Gourmet was very responsive to people that had problems but I guess I want something easy without problems. Any thoughts?

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I've been using MacGourmet for about a week now. I'm a previous user of the wonderful Mangia!, which ran only on OS 9 and is no longer supported. MacGourmet is a close second. Recipe imports are pretty easy, although I haven't tried any scans yet. Just imports from web sites.

I looked at The Recipe Manager, but they don't have a demo version and I didn't want to buy something I couldn't test out.

Some things about TRM that look nice: better search than MacGourmet, PC/Mac compatibility, storage of nutritional information.

They also (finally) added support to print to 4x6 cards. This latest version looks much better than when the product was first released.

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"No folders, just a list. "

I'm not sure what you mean here. You can indeed organize your recipes into subfolders-- they just call them lists. Control-click on the side panel and choose New > List. You'll get a new folder. I've attached a screen shot (as a pdf) showing my setup with all the subfolders, which I have called "Grimoire Culinaria".

I'm not familiar with recipe manager, but I've been using MacGourmet for some time now and am quite happy. One cool feature is that under "Services" in my browser menu, there is a feature called "Make MacGourmet text clipping". If I select text in the browser, then make a text clipping, it goes into a separate folder called Clippings-- it's perfect for all the great recipes you find while surfing, but don't want to import immediately. You can then import them later if you want.

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I just got MacGourmet, so am just beginning to learn how to use it. I too was puzzled about the concern over folders. Same thing, different title.

I really like the ease which you can email recipes, as both my mother and my sister are using it and its nice to be able to share when one doesn't live locally. No tedious re-typing! I'll have to make use of these "text clippings"....could be very handy!

Any other useful tips for a newbie?

Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
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"Any other useful tips for a newbie?"

Not really, so let me know if you come up with anything! Oh yeah-- you can drag a photo directly from iPhoto into the "image" pane in the recipe's information box (what you get when you double-click on the recipe title in the main listings.