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Looking for recipe software

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Hi All,  Before I purchased a new computer with Windows XP OS, I had a wonderful recipe management software program (MasterCook) that I purchased for Windows 95.  It worked fine when I updated to Windows 98, but I am unable to install it on the new computer.  I have been looking for a replacement to no avail.  Do any of you know of a program that you would recommend?  Any help will be appreciated.


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You could by version 7 which is available through valuesoft.  What version are you trying to install on XP?  I have an older version of Food and Wine Mastercook that was running on 95 but is fine on XP.

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I had the same problem with Windows XP, MasterCook 6 would not install.
Start here:


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ooohhh - windows XP? I hear that is the OS from H**L.

Mine is next in line MS2000 professional. Erk.

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Actually, I can't speak about loading MasterCook on XP, but I can say that I have XP on one machine and Windows 2000 on another... both are outstanding and I have never had to face the "blue screen of death" with either one of them... very stable, fast -- I like them!

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Wnidows XP take it one step closer to Unix in my little brain..Mac OSX take it one step closer to Unix...we may soon  all be able to work in harmony!

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Well, let me tell you...
DH and son#1 have new computers with XP and haven't experienced much trouble.
I've been through hell with mine, it's nearly 6 y/o with Windows ME (is too old to install XP, which is probably a blessing in disguise) and has been misbehaving in a big way lately. Had to reformat it twice in two weeks which meant saving files/data to another computer first...on diskettes only because the CD drive died too. What a nightmare. And that's when I discovered MasterCook 6 wouldn't install on the other computers, but was an easy enough fix to Windows XP.

After the second reformat operation, I ordered a new computer from Dell. It should be here in a few days. Hopefully they've worked any kinks out of XP by now.

And ever since I ordered the new computer, this old thing has been working just beautifully...of course.


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hmmm - maybe I am confusing XP with ME. Not an uncommon thing for - confusion, that is!

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Windows ME is surely the worst version of windows ever foisted on the public, and that is saying something!  I finally got rid of it and bought a new computer, with Windows XP because I had heard talk of how stable it was.  Of course, new computer had a bad mother board, which has been replaced.  You can't win.

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oh jeez, MM - hope everything works for awhile! I have the 2000, based on NT, and haven't had too many issues - in 2 years, I've gotten the blue screen of death only twice. :-)

How is hubby, btw?? Hope all is going better!

Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time - Abe Lincoln.


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Thanks to all who replied to my plea for recipe software.  I intend to order MasterCook v. 7 today from valuesoft.  BTW, I did not intend to impune Windows XP.  It has performed flawlessly thus far.  The software and hardware that it would not support were very old (MasterCook v. 4, for example) and needed to be replaced.

Thanks again,


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Well, I don't know if this is appropos or not, but here's my two bits on XP and recipe software...

For years, I used the "Williams-Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking" CD for recipes. It was one of my favorite "cookbooks". When I bought a new computer with XP, all of a sudden it wouldn't work. The software developer was no longer supporting it, so I thought I was out of luck. My wife and I seriously considered bringing back the old computer, JUST to have the recipe software available, but that seemed to be just a little too much.

I just happened to check the software developers web page earlier this week, and lo and behold, they had posted a fix for my problem, and a darn simple one at that. All I had to do was rename one file, and all was well.

Hooray for the web. Now I have my favorite recipes back, and it only took two years. =(

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One more thing. XP has a compatability wizard that may also help with programs that used to work, and don't under the new OS.

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Rizzo the Rat, A Muppet Christmas Carol