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Info on Home Cooking

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Hi!  I'm a newby on this site.  I saw this thread and had to take a look.  I am interested in recipe software and have been a bit overwhelmed.   I will definately be trying the trial of living cookbook.  It helps to get a feel for the program.  You all seem to be a great wealth of info on this subject! 

A friend will be emailing me a link for a trial on Home Cooking.  She hasn't used this but has a co-worker who suggested this software.  Any chance anyone has any info on this program? 

From what I have learned here I think even with the trail uses of these other programs I will be going with MasterCook.

I would really appreciate any info you have on Home Cooking.

Thanks, in advance!




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Oops!  Leave it to a newby to mess up a post!  So Sorry.  I had wanted this under recipe Software.  Not sure what I did!

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Mt friend, CBirck, built her own kitchen in a new home recently. She used advice from the related areas in Taunton Press. She will check messages in cookstalk, and I suggest that if you would like a wise advisor--especially if you care about prices, you contact her.

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Country- I think she's looking for a program to organize her recipes, but I could be wrong.  :)

Samenella-  Look under Recipe Software, there are quite a few discussions there on a couple of different programs. 

Edit- let's see if this works:

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Thanks so much for you guidance.   I have reposted in Recipe Software forum.  Sorry about all the mistakes!!