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Import/Export (post #57169)

Ok. So I finally got my Mastercook 7,installed it but I can't seem to figure out exactly how to import/export.Can someone walk me through, for example if I want to add my recipes from epicurious,chatelaine magazine,even fine cooking or my Kraft recipe box. I keep trying but something seems to be wrong with settings. Hubby refuses to help because it is not a mac program. I know I roll my eyes too. I am not good with technical things at all and need all the help I can get.


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  I've got a mac freak too..I keep telling him there is no software for the mac..

  Sorry I can't give you the answer but I have some websites that have forums that may be helpful.


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Thank you! Thank you! Now I can go to bed and have sweet dreams! My maccie is a graphic designer, is yours too?

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"My maccie is a graphic designer, is yours too?"

no, his art is a little more on the nerd side, an engineer

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I am along term Macaddict and have been using The Computer Cookbook for some time. It runs well on my G3, caused no software conflicts and I find it to be reliable and very easy to use. It comes with an optional CD - for an extra $5 - and folders of several thousand recipes which I haven’t installed. Worth a look anyway.

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We went the virtual pc route.