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HELP (post #57164)

Is it me or the computer?  Tried to add signature not happening.  Tried to get mastercook through sierra what do i get games and cars.  Feeling rather frustrated now.  Everything seems complicated on this site, maybe i should just stick to yahoo games?

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sierra no longer sells mastercook, that much I can help you with. is the new ownder for mastercook. 

where did you try to add you signature? did you save?

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thanks for your help i did find mastercook at but guess what  they only ship online to  US, and I'm in Canada.

As for my signature, don't know what i did but im working on it .

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Are you in the Vancouver area? If so I could bring it up for you if you want to have it shipped to my P.O. Box in Blaine. I go down there once a week to pick up mail.



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Thank you Peter very thoughtful of you but I live in Ontario.

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I think that I've read about canadians posting on this board purchasing from ebay..someone will correct me if I'm wrong. There are copies of 6.2 available on ebay, i just took a look to be sure.

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Go to your Member Profile (click on your name in the address box of a message), click on the 'My prefs'. From there you can change all different kinds of personal settings. Around the middle of the window you'll find 'Personal Signature'. Whatever you fill in there will show up as a tag line in every message you post. Be sure scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

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Also, when you get to your preferences, make sure the box that says "Hide Signatures" is not checked. 

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Hi windy, I ordered Mastercook online from a company in Montreal and at the time they did not charge for shipping (don't know if that is still their policy) - I was very happy with the service.  Just type Mastercook in the search box at the top of the page.  Here's the link:

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Hey tuck

I found a list of mastercook on ebay canada and i also checked out the site u sent me. Now i am confused as to which one i should buy there is mastercook deluxe 6.0 and 6.2 and i also saw mastercook manager for $4 what's the difference?

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If you want to get it , get 6.2.  However 7.0 just came out - something to ponder

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Well that's kind of hard to say, if you don't mind waiting I think it might be better to wait for the MC v.7.0, since I am quite sure it will most likely be compatible with all upcoming computer changes & programs. 

You know, I did a search on Camelot and these titles came up.  They do say they have the MC v.7.0 but this sounds like they only have the CD not the companion book.  Have you ever had any earlier copies of MC?  I find I never use the book, I only want someplace to store my recipes.  I know this doesn't help much, I've got MC 6.2 and I'm very happy with it but as I said earlier I don't know how long it will be compatible with computer changes.   
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you don't have a Mac do you? Thats the only other concern you could have..if you have a mac you can run up to version 4.3. We have a Mac but also have virtual PC so that I can have what my DH calls boutique software. I'm using 6.2.

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yes i have a mac ... well actually its my husband's baby...and it has virtual pc although for the time being i'm  using a laptop, just needed to know if i can use on both. Thanks

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on the mac portion you can only use the 4.3.

on the virtual pc portion and the laptop you can use any version above that. Its a minimal PIA to open virtual pc to use it as we got a dual processor that could win the indy 500.