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Cooking classes via computer

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Read in today's  Vancouver Sun newspaper about a site which is offering memberships for on-line cooking videos.  Check it out!

There is a 30 day free test run being offered.  It's apparently "the brainchild of Joe Girard and Dawn Thomas, who met during their stints in the kitchen at the Fairmont Vancouver.  They then worked in the film catering industry on the West Coast, ..."

Do you know anything about this Glenys??  I think I'll have to check it out--could be fun!


edit to add that after playing with this site for awhile I went for the 30 day test run.  The drill-downs are amazing; filled with all sorts of info on all sorts of things--chef tips, etc.  The videos are beautiful--close-ups of each step in the recipe.  I'm certain this feature will be a real motivator to get people into the kitchen! 

Edited 5/2/2007 11:20 pm ET by Debby