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anyone have success with recipe software

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I am looking for an easy, simple recipe software program to organize my own recipes and make some cookbooks for family and friends.  Would love any feedback! 

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I use Mastercook.  The benefits for me are:

You can create many different cookbooks to hold your recipes any way you want, ie: separate categories or from different sources, or by meal etc.

You can create a menus from your saved recipes and it will allow you to print a shopping list for the whole menu.  You can edit the list before printing.  There's nutrition information available on the known items, you can edit the list and add your own info to it as well.

The most receint versions have an internet  bar for your use. Find a recipe online and click the icon and opens up a list that you can copy each aspect of the recipe to and then download the recipe right into Mastercook with a few key strokes!  And it costs about $20.  Don't download the online version it has some bugs in it.  Order the CD version. 





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I'm on a Mac, I'm using MacGourmet. I also tried out The Recipe Manager (Mac and Windows) and thought it was alright also.

Mastercook has been around forever, so it has stability going for it.

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Lots of people use Mastercook because it has been around forever, is reasonably easy to learn and use, isn't expensive and is, more or less, the standard. If you can stand the clunky interface, poor formatting and limited layout options then buy the latest version which includes some kind of cookbook (titles vary). If you want something that gives you flexibility and produces professional looking results on the page and screen try Big Oven or Living Cookbook both of which will let you download a try-out version before paying a modest amount to buy it.

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Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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You know, I tried downloading Living Cookbook and found it impossible to use.  Probably just me.  I'll stick with Master Cook.

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Fan of Living Cookbook - had it for years, will never touch Mastercook again (hated the format)



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I like the looks of their format too, but I have thousands of recipes in MasterCook--so I'm not about to change.

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For a long time I used a program called Now You're Cooking, and loved it.  But when my son and I opened our Personal Chef business it appeared then (some 10 years ago) that the PC industry was stardardizing on MC...and now that is a fact.

MC was hard to get used to, difficult to learn all the ins and outs, but I would have a difficult time now changing to anything else.


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I use Shop'NCook ( and have been pleased with it. I also have a Mac

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I use Big Oven, it's reasonably price and so easy to download from the Internet and the format it. They have a huge user database with user recipes and an excellent forum. Very nice people to deal with and I have not had any problems at all. I used to be a Mastercook kind of guy but no more.

I do not work for Big Oven.


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I have not found any of the recipe programs for the MAC to my liking. I had Mastercook when they still made for the MAC and I was happy. I like easy. i would also like to import recipes from other sources easily. I tried Mac Gourmet on the mec of the people at the Apple store but I thought it was too complicated. Maybe I will try Big Oven if they make for the MAC.

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I'm use a mac, and The Recipe Manager.
They don't have a demo version, but I emailed customer service and they let me have a trial period.

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Shop'NCook for the Mac has a trial period - here's the info