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Zojirushi breadmaker

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Does anyone own a Zojirushi bread maker? I would appreciate any input.  Thank You

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We had one for several years and I really liked it. We sold it last year after I started baking sandwich bread without the machine. I never used it for anything other than sandwich bread. We moved with it several times and never had a problem with it making different bread in different parts of the country - very even output. At one point it mixed unevenly, but the problem was easily fixed - it has double (connected) belts and only one belt was working. A neighobr opened it up and reslung the offending belt. I had called Z.'s number, but the closest dealer at that point was hours away, and it's very difficult to talk with them, I found most personnel speak only Korean (I think!).

edited to add: I bought it through Amazon and somehow managed to buy it, shipped, for less than $100. It's definately worth looking for the best buy!

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I had one, and used it a lot when I was working.  It was nice to put everything into it in the morning, and have fresh bread when I came home in the evening (or put things into it when I went to bed and have fresh bread for breakfast!)  I finally gave it to my DD now that I have more time than I can fill.

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I have one and I love it. You can order replacement parts online, so it's not like so many small disposable appliances. I just use mine to make dough, then bake it off in a loaf pan-- I find this gives a better final loaf. Enjoy!

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I love mine, even though I really only use it as a mixer. I have a stand mixer with dough hooks that does a nice job on more than 2 1/2 pounds of dough, but the Zo does a superior job on 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pounds (2 pounds is ideal). We don't eat that much bread, so the smaller amount is better for us. Clean-up is easier too, especially if you weigh your ingredients right into the pan. I use it for all types of dough (scaled to 2 pounds), from soft enriched breads to lean crusty artisan. I prefer to take the dough out of the machine to slow rise at room temperature, because the V-20 that I have incubates all the rises. I think the newer model gives you more control over the temperatures.

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They're good. Although DW feels as if she's cheating when she's using it (she's the baker), it has given us many a fine loaf when we're busy.