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Yogurt Makers

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I buy a lot of yogurt and I can't really say I've found a brand I really like (I live in Spain), so I'm considering buying a yogurt maker. Does anyone out there have one? Are they any good? Any tips or comments?

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We had a thread about this not too long ago, the first of the year sometime. Yup-- click Here.  You can go do  a search for other entries too. I have some going on the counter right now. :)

And Welcome -- this is a great place to share.

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My husband grew up in Spain....the land of the GREATEST food ever! I have a Donvier yogurt maker and I really like it. It is quite simple to use.

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SEB is very good...if it's available in Spain.

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Thanks all for your speedy replies! I'll see what I can find in stores here.