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WS Sale on Ruffoni Roaster

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Just an FYI, WS has a 5 qt. Ruffoni copper roaster on sale for $99.99--regularly $190.00.

I think it would make a lovely gift.


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That's quite a find. I'm told by a friend who works part time at W-S that they're not doing well at all.

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Do you mean the Ruffoni line isn't doing well, or Williams Sonoma?

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I'd guess WS, as is true of a number of several others apparently. I think I heard Talbot's added to that list the other day.


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WS sales are WAY down.

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Thanks for clarifying that. I was hoping it was the Ruffoni sales you meant as Williams Sonoma is just about my favorite store. I guess with the miserable economy the amount of people able and willing to spend $200+ on a pot is rapidly dwindling. Their stores are all filled with luxury goods with none of it really necessary or of much interest to other than a kitchenware afficienado or a cooking enthusiast. Other stores have a balance of higher and lower end, but they are all high end. I would assume Sur La Table is also having problems. With tri-ply stainless available for a song, cheap cast iron enamel knockoffs coupled with all the internet housewares discounting, it's no wonder they are hurting. I hear that Linens & Things in also in chapter 11. I really hope things can turn around for them as I love their stores.

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Doesn't surprise me. They (and Sur la Table, though SLT is a bit better) charge WAY too much for items than can be found other places for a fraction of the price. Sometimes it's literally the exact same item.

Case in point, the last MeanFest, where Li and I found that amazing City Kitchen store and I bought the same exact spatula and tart pans I had seen earlier in the morning at SLT, for $10-15 cheaper.

I haven't purchased anything at WS in ages, and when I did it was only because I had a gift card.

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Agreed, but they do have good sales. I would not pay full price at W-S for most things, since they are way overpriced.

SLT is a bit better, and there's always Amazon.

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The prices for knives at both SLT & WS are just as cheap as the cheapest mail order deals.

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Amen!  I was tempted to post that.  I bought a Shun knife from SLT, and paid less than I've seen it anywhere else.  Sales are also excellent.  Of course, there isn't one within two hours of here, so I'm SOL when it comes to that.

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Only on sale.

Which only seems to happen when the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter aligns with Mars. LOL.

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No, not for the dozen or so Shun, Global, and Wustof Classic knives I bought in august 2007. The only reason I bought anything mail order was to get several knives neither stocked.

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I must always hit the sales then...every time I go in (which is not often since most here are in dreaded MALLS) there is a huge sale going on. Like you I mostly buy there from sales or with giftgards.

That copper roaster is a good deal, and I'd love one at that price, BUT it is tin lined and I really prefer more modern style copper, lined with ss.

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

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The tin lining did it in for me too, although WHAT am I thinking of even considering it. It would have gone to a kid.

Our WS is freestanding more or less, but I really forget about it until after Christmas for a sale. SLT is in the middle of a garantuan mall, and I just can't handle it!

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Actually WS runs sales twice a year. In their last one I got some awesome deals like the large red LC risotto for $99.99, the AC 6 qt. deep saute in stainless for $74.99, and the 3 qt. saucier in stainless for $79.99, and stainless 4.5 qt. James Beard pan for $89.99, and the AC 4 qt. stainless braiser for $99.99. All perfect!

The Staub pumpkins and soup pots were reduced to $23.99 and $49.99. When they do have a sale they have the best prices anywhere I have ever found!