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Wow! Le Creuset bargain!

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Hi all.  I'm new to this forum and excited to chat with other avid cooks!

In light of the major raves for Le Creuset, I thought I'd tell you all about the deal I just now got on  They have the 7 quart round oven for $139.99 and it comes with a 10 1/2 inch round skinny griddle free!  Woo hoo!!  Check it out!  I have been curious about this baby (the oven, that is) for a while, and based on what I've read here, I decided I would go for it this weekend.  I was planning on buying it through Williams Sonoma, but checked out Amazon based on someone else's comments in an earlier posting, and I'm glad I did! Thought I'd share the joy with anyone else who's been contemplating Le Creuset as I have been...    

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sounds like a great deal! Were they having a good deal on shipping as well??

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Shipping was free because I opted for the "super saver" shipping.  I won't get my stuff for about 10 days, but I think it's worth it.  By the way, I think the deal is only for the blue.  

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We just got an Amazon credit cards. 1% cash back on any purchase anywhere, 3% back on anything you buy at Amazon, and $30. off your first purchase at Amazon. No annual fee, don't know about the interest rate.