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Wolvie, Maytag double oven range?

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I did a search for this and saw that Wolvie had had one of these.  My parents are looking at the Gemini for the lake place and I was wondering what your thoughts are on the range.  Did the lower oven ever prove to be a problem when trying to put something heavy into it?  I'm concerned that it may be too low and be difficult to use.  As with any vacation place the family gathers here and I think having 2 ovens would come in handy.

Thanks for your help

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Not Wolvie, but I have a Maytag Gemini range. We have had several problems with it that were covered under warranty, but I do like the two ovens. The smaller one is very useful for a small family and I use it more frequently than the big one. The two together are great for holiday or company cooking.

As for the lower oven, it's large and I like that. I don't have a problem with bending over, but I do yoga and am pretty limber. It all depends on the person, I expect.

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Thank you for responding.  Glad to know that the low oven doesn't cause problems, my parents are both in great shape so it should be okay.  It's just the two of them during the week then family comes on weekends and I think the two ovens would help.

One more question, how is cleaning the cooktop?  My mother would like to just wipe down and not have a lot of parts with which to deal.  The store does not have a gas model on display so we're trying to look at small pictures. (I guess this would be assuming that yours is a gas model)

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No, actually mine is electric so I can't help you there. Before we moved, we had an induction cooktop instead of gas, since we're all asthmatic and a gas cooktop aggravates the asthma.

If we can ever afford to redo the kitchen another induction is on my about easy cleanup!

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just seeing this now - if you don't have the ability to install 2 full size double ovens, definitely give the Gemini a try. I have had great success with mine - a few service calls, but not big ones, and none after the warranty expired, which surprised me.

I adore the smaller top oven - 90% of what I bake/roast goes in that.

The newer models have convection and such - can't advise you on that - mine is an older model. :-)

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Thank you.  No room for double wall ovens, it's going into a 100 year old log cabin so space is an issue.  Apparently my parents were happy with the responses here and have ordered it.  This one will have the 5 gas burners and convection oven, we're looking forward to the extra oven.  I'm guessing that the small oven is really nice when the summer heat is scorching, no need to heat up the big oven.

Thank you again to all who responded, it was very helpful.

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I have a Gemini and love the two ovens. The top one gets the most use, and doubles as a very good toaster oven. The lower one takes some getting used to because it is lower than one on an average range. I am doing a total kitchen redo this year and now have the space for a full sized double oven, but if I wasn't, I'd be happy enough with the Gemini.

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I was ready to buy a Gemini a year or so ago when they redesigned the control panel to make it look less sleek and more retro 50's - curved porthole display. I was really disappointed.