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Wolvie--Daniel Bolud oven

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I can't remember what tangent in what thread we talked about LC--oh, maybe the real LC thread.  Anyway, I was just checking my cart at Amazon--I had been a very busy girl over the past few weeks without buying. I will attest that if you snooze you lose on the Friday sale--lots of nice stuff back up to full price in my cart!

Anyway, I had put a 5qt. Daniel Bolud oven in--it is about $65.  Apparently not quite on the market yet but they won't charge until they ship. I am sure if you did a search on the whole site you would come up with the entire line.  I thought the 7qt was about $135 but it might be around $85. Got my santokus--they don't have the indents (kolars?) but for $30 I'm going to give it a try. I can always get another--maybe Samchang's.

Oh, you also get a $20 certificate(if buying $99 worth of stuff) and free shipping.

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Gretchen confess - you own a major share of Amazon stock, right? ;-0

Seriously - thanks! I will do a pre-order. 

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I just got my Chef's catalog and they are carrying the line also.  I think it is better looking than the other "cheap" cast iron enamel. The other is less traditional looking--pretty contemporary looking.

I do what I can for the economy, wherever I find opportunity.  ;o)