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Wolf vs Viking

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Hi, I have been going through all the appliance posts, but i would still like some rather specific advice...My husband is Italian and we moved to Milan recently. In the US we had a Viking 36" all gas range (with the 4.5 cft oven). Now we are redoing our kitchen here, and we would really love to get US professional style appliances again. The choices are not massive here, it would be between Wolf and Viking (the mark-ups are hair-raising...).

I am trying to decide whether to get the same Viking or instead to get the largest Wolf electric oven, with either a Viking or Wolf cook top. The reason I started thinking about this is the issue of 'true' convection, which apparently the Wolf has and the Viking does not. I am less keen on the Viking dual fuel, which would also have true convection because it appears the oven cavity is smaller. I bake a lot, and have large baking trays...One additional reason to consider the Wolf would be the hope of getting a slightly better price, if we also decided to get a sub-zero fridge. Any advice appreciated...

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it is very difficult to get a lower price on a sub zero. The manufacturer has set the lowest possible price. If someone is caught selling at a price below that mark, they will be taken off of sub zero's distributor's list. You would have to be very good friends with someone for them to take that risk. This is the case in the US at least.

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I think they must have completely different prices in Europe - they tend to be almost twice the US prices in Euros - meaning the actual mark-up is really high, much more than transport.

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Hi, and welcome to CT.  Fortunately, I live in the US and was able to get Dacor, rather than Wolf or Viking, and was able to get a really good deal on the prices.  Evidently they do not have the same rules that Wolf or Viking has.

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SMEG has very nice ranges, pretty professional looking, too, so why not choose Italian? I would also search professional equipment. Maybe inquire at a restaurant? You know, service and replacement parts are something to consider also.

Now this is strange, only half of my message made it... Oh, well, the missing sentence was that you should also look at Ilve ranges. They have a 90cm wide stand-alone with 5 or 6 burners and either two ovens (the larger gas, the smaller electric) or one large. Here in Germany it costs around €3000, I am sure it costs less in Italy.

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Agree.   I'm familiar with Viking, Wolf, SMEG and Ilve.    Start with Ilve, then SMEG.   Ilve has a fantastic professional range for domestic use. 

There is no need to pay such high prices for US imports when there are European brands which are as good if not better.

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Thanks for the reply...I had thought about Smeg, but the burners do not seem to be quite as powerful. Ilve I haven't looked at yet, seen ads, will defintely look into both...

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Yes, that's why I suggested the Ilve first.   Check into the range called "Hercules Grand Cuisine cooker", and also , for just the cooktop, the Masterpiece Maxi Hob.  They look pretty impressive in the store but I haven't cooked on them.    I think they'd have the same name in Europe as here, but if not I'll post the model numbers.

Smeg have come out with some new applicances but they don't seem to have the heft of Ilve.    They have one curiosity which appeals to me - the cooktop/draining thingie/sink integrated.    Wow.     

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I have seen that in the Smeg showroom here - very cool looking. But everything down to the knobs, just doesn't feel the same. Will be looking for an Ilve showroom here...


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you know - I have seen pics of that combo thing - I find it disconcerting. Have you used one, or seen on in person? Is is made for a small kitchen? I'm thinking I'd need a bit more space. (If such a thing was offered here)

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It's made for way smaller kitchens than American ones.   I like compact, one-person galley type kitchens,  but I think you'd hate it.

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you know my sq ft addiction! ;-)

although, as I am designing my future abode, I am actually considering less than 3000 sq ft. As I live and breath! Must be getting older.  heh heh.

Edited to add - I liked your kitchen in CA. Very much!

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