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Wolf Stove - Propane

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I just moved into my new house. The stove is a Wolf 36" with 6 burners burning propane. The issue I have is the burners make a puffing/pulsating sound when I turn the knob to Medium. Is this normal for propane stoves?


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Supply running low? That is what I get when the outdoor propane tanks are about empty. Could be something else...something I would have checked out.




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A pulsating puffing sound is NOT normal. The puffing is caused by the flame going back into the burner area. This can potentially be dangerous.
As Peter pointed out, it could be just the end of the tank, but at least my propane cooktop usually just becomes progressively less powerful.
Since you just moved in, you should have the propane company check the supply system, this is a normal safety check usually done every few years and also check the propane pressure. They should also check that the gas is supplied at the correct pressure for the stove. Commercial equipment normally requires a much higher pressure than household equipment. No idea what the "commercial style" ranges need, but it will be clearly marked on the range.
If this doesn't solve the problem, the Wolf dealer should make sure that the correct jets for propane were installed.

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My Dacor 36" 6 burner is feed with propane.  The specs had to be specific for propane.  I'd definitely look in to, in a hurry, if you were supplied with the correct stove top for propane.  I love mine and have never had the problem you are describing.  But I chose my appliances from a very reliable store and would never have trusted the builder to have a clue about my "out of the norm" high end appliances.  One thing I have found to be a BIG bonus is that propane is cheap!!!  I have a gas fireplace, stove top and a feed to the barbecue on the deck (eliminating the need to haul a tank up and down the stairs, one of the better ideas I have had!).  I use all of these a LOT.  My bill from the propane company is about $110.00 a year!  Wish I'd chosen a propane hot water heater. 

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Thanks all for your feedback. We did have the service tech out and he said it was fine. I never had propane cooking before so didn't know if his diagnosis was correct. That's why I posted the question. I will definitely contact Wolf to pursue further.