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Wolf Pro Rangetop - Cleaning

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Greetings All,

We have a Wolf 36" pseudo-pro rangetop in our newly remodeled kitchen.  We've been using it for almost a year and love it.

I'd like to hear from othe owners of this unit regarding cleaning.  Any tips or tricks to share?  Cleaning has been a bit more of a chore than I expected.  We do a lot of pan searning and stir frying and the burner pans get pretty messy.

Wolf customer service warns against the use of oven cleaner and instead reccomends soft-scub.  It works OK, but there are the occasional stubborn spots that it will not remove.

Also, we had a boil-over than ran underneath the pan and landed squarely on top of the burner - what a mess to clean.

Any ideas and input appreciated.




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have you tried vinegar and baking soda? I use it a lot for baked on food on pans. It cant hurt? very low abrasive, so it won't scratch. Pour on vinegar and sprinkle on BS. Let sit for a few minutes then scrub away. After you clean it off, rinse with water. Its worth a try anyway.