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white stove gone yellow

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I have a white stove (Kenmore Elite) with the self-clean feature. I have never had self-clean before, so I'm not sure this is usual but my oven door has turned yellow over the past 2 years. The top part of the door has discolored from the heat and I blame the self-clean. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a defect in the appliance or just a side effect of self clean (as Sears tells me)? BTW, how often do people usually use this feature (once a month)?

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I have self-cleaning oven but don't have that problem. But my oven door has a stainless edge with dark glass. It's an old oven so with years the glass is a bit stained and does not clean well. I use the self-cleaning maybe twice a year. I don't think it needs every month unless your oven gets really dirty.

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Geez, I guess I'm an oven slob.  We've had a self-clean oven for 5 years and cleaned it exactly once.  In my defence, I never bake pies and rarely cook meat in the oven, and I'm pretty good about wiping up spills when they happen.  I also almost always remember to put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack if I'm baking something that I think might drip.  It just doesn't get very dirty.

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Let me join you in slob heaven.  I think I used mine two or three times in five years before we moved.  Have used it once on one oven since we moved here a year ago.

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I'm the're just very neat. I use my oven a lot and bake very often. It gets messy specially when I make pizza or roast meat, etc. But I don't really stays closed most of the time. LOL

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Yeah, I've never had a self-cleaning oven before this one, so I still have my old neatnik oven habits.  I only had to clean an oven once before realizing that I never wanted to do it again.

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We can't have anything but self-cleaning in this house (because of our budgie) and I like it that way:)

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My stove is discolored, but it is because shortly (and I mean shortly, like a few days) after I bought it, I was painting the kitchen. Yes I was standing on the counter next to the stove, and fell. the door popped open,and I landed on the floor. I knew Frank would be furious if he knew I had been climbing again. so I just let him think I fell and grabbed the door. Anyway mine is discolored because the door has never fit right again. They wanted to charge me as much as I paid for the stove to replace the door. I desided I could live with it the way it was. I just use a velcro strap, that holds it shut tightly. The kind I used to use to keep Andrew out of the fridge when he was two. As soon as he saw I was on the phone...he would unload everything out of the frige onto the floor, because he knew I could not reach him. LOL

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I understand that your oven is possibly distorted, but how is it discolored because the oven door doesn't close properly?

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If the doors broken and you still use it, the heat from the gaps will eventually discolor the surrounding area. 

Funny story- growing up, my mom always kept the door open when broiling.  I did it once and the knobs melted and the enamel blistered too! 

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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ahhhh.... i can see it now.   Sounds like the door should be fixed.  LOL.

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Self clean is for once a year or so. It is not for once a month. I am surprised that your oven has changed colors. Is your stove painted white or is it white enamel on steel? I can see how paint would change color, but it would be harder to get the enamel to change color from the heat.

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I am sure it ia enamel paint and that it why it is discolored. I don't really care, it is only about 20 months until I redo the entire kitchen. The walls are coming down, and I will be getting a Wolf or a viking. still up in the air , but I do know I will be putting in two 30inch wall ovens.

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There is a plastic cap on the door which holds the handle and it is made of plastic.  I can replace the cap for about $50. I guess I should be less zealous about using the self-clean. It does such a nice job on the pizza stone though!

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sounds like the plastic cap is more expensive than the pizza stone.  Just buy a new stone or ignore it.  LOL>  My stone is nearly black in the middle.

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What about white cabinets surrounding the stove when you use the self clean cycle? I think they tell you to leave the doors open on the cabinets. I'm putting in cream white, smooth, thermofoil IKEA ones. The Adel White doors. Nice quality, made in Italy. Does anyone have these doors, and a self clean oven? Any damage to it, or to other white doors?

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yellow on stove from self cleaning (post #55664, reply #16 of 18)

My white stove has also turned yellow from the high heat from the self cleaning feature, I use my oven

alot, so I love this feature, but that piece appears to be plastic, I'm going to see if it can be replaced

with stainless steel. I paid alot for this gas range and can't see relacing it.

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I heard a lot of situations (post #55664, reply #17 of 18)

I heard a lot of situations like that, but it should never a big problem to solve. fountains
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door cover discoloration - Kenmore stove (post #55664, reply #18 of 18)

We experienced the identical problem with our Kenmore electric range model 970-678422.  In addition to the door cover discoloration, our home was invaded by a terrible smell/fume for over 2 days.

Nowhere in the User & Care guide manual is this discoloration issue mentioned. Personally, we would never have bought this product if this problem would have been made known to us.  In this day and age, one would think that a major manufacturer would use material which can withstand high cleaning temperatures.

Once again, we have been burnt with a poor product.  Since our warranty has expired we don't have many options but to inform other consumers.  Buyer beware.