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Wal-Mart pots

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Wal-Mart pots (post #56009)

I happened to be in a local super WM today (avery rare occurence for me) and spotted 6.5 qt enamel cast iron casseroles for $39 and change.  (A little less than $40)  They seemed nice enough and a steal at that price.  LC should watch out!

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I bought the 2 1/2 qt  buffet casserole, I think it was about $30, love it, use it all the time.  And I have been thinking why not buy the 6.5 Qt for such a low price?

It is a little heavier than LC, but so what??

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There are a number of them available, and they cook quite well. Hadn't seen WalMart's but Target has some too--and online. I have a cheapo 7.5qt that did very nicely for our gumbo yesterday.