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tokyo grill

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tokyo grill (post #56580)

Does anyone know where I can find a Tokyo grill? We recently enjoyed a meal with friends who had one but they said that the grills are difficult to find.
They are cast iron with a bowl shape in the center and several round flat areas on which individuals can cook food.
There is a place for a fire underneath it all.

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No, I think it might really be a Korean grill--maybe even named after "bulgogi". It's definitely a different breed of cat.


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A Tokyo grill that makes Korean food...interesting. ;-)

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Yes'm , it is interesting. There was quite a long discussion on another board a while ago, and I think that is what it is. Much like the other post.


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Tokyo grill (post #56580, reply #7 of 17)

Hi--- do you remember where the other discussion was on this grill?? I have

one and would like to sell it. Mine is from the 70's--cast iron--great cooker but

I am 77 and do not use it anymore.

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Tokyo Grill (post #56580, reply #10 of 17)

Running Rabbit,

I am also interested in buying a cast iron tokyo grill,  - Can you please send me pictures and a price.




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Tokyo Grill (post #56580, reply #16 of 17)

I am interested in buying your grill. If you are still interested in selling it/haven't sold it yet, will you please send pictures and more info to,?

Thank you so much!


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Toykyo Grill (post #56580, reply #6 of 17)

Yes I have an original Tokyo Grill. Got it in early 70's I believe. I am 77 years old. It is

great and has 5 burners. I don't use it anymore and would like to sell it. If you are

interested let me know and I will send pictures. Still have papers and directions.

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This thread is 3 years old, (post #56580, reply #8 of 17)

This thread is 3 years old, first of all. Your grill sounds interesting, but not exactly what the OP wanted as I think it is a charcoal fired grill. I'd really sort of love to see pictures of yours however. never heard of it, needless to say. ;o)

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Tokyo Grill (post #56580, reply #9 of 17)

They are heavy to ship.  Just need to know your location and price.  Tks.

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Would like Price and Pictures - Tokyo Grill (post #56580, reply #11 of 17)

Running Rabbit,

I have been looking for a grill for quite some time know - I am very interested!!

Can you please send me some pics and a Price and your general location.


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Ill take it! (post #56580, reply #14 of 17)

I have been on the search for years! Hooray! name your price. 

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Tokyo Grill (post #56580, reply #15 of 17)

If you havent already sold your grill, I would be very interested in buying it. This thread is old, I'm hoping...'s picture

i have been looking too. For years! where do you find one? (post #56580, reply #12 of 17)

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tokyo grill (post #56580, reply #13 of 17)

I am dying for one. Where to find it? Does anyone know? 

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Would like to buy (post #56580, reply #17 of 17)

Hi runningrabbit!


I'd love to buy! Can you please e-mail me? tbonegrl07 at