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There's a light at the end of the tunnel

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There's a light at the end of the tunnel (post #55273)

...of course, it may be a speeding train!  At any rate, the floor guy should be finished tomorrow, and the countertops and sink have been installed, and we ripped out one wall of the sun room, framed it in, and replaced two sliding glass doors with one set of French doors.  Tomorrow, the contractor should come in to rip out the rest of the "pickled oak' paneling and replace it all with dry wall.  We ran into a minor problem when installing the was so high that it bumped into the window sill, so my cabinet guy came by and took that out.  He will cut it down and replace it tomorrow.  Another slight problem...when the countertop guy made the countertops, he put in about 1/8" to 1/4" overhang where the stove goes.  Of course, I just had room for the stove, so now I have to get them cut down so the stove will fit.  Supposedly the cabinet guy can do that.  I love the sink.  Love the faucet.  Love the countertops.  They even make my old cabinets look good.  Now I have to figure out what kind of tile to put up for a backsplash (the tile guy is coming by tomorrow evening) and what color I'm going to paint the walls.  Also have to pick out new hardware to replace what is on the cabinets now.  So, it's far from finished, but we've accomplished a lot.

Oh yes, I gave in to Willie Ray, who was insisting he wanted a dishwasher installed NOW!  We got the KA from our appliance guy, who knocked $200 off it, which I thought was reasonable, considering all the aggravation they've caused us.  He also called today, Sunday, to tell me he woiuld send someone over tomorrow morning to rip out the disposal (which is evidently a bad unit) and replace it with a new one.  Never a dull moment.  At least I've moved all the crystal back into the dining room, so we can actually eat in the breakfast room.  I'll attach some pictures.

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I like photo 36.  The muted colors have some interest, but not too much that it is distracting. 

The yellow is too jarring and attracts too much attention for me.  I like it in a small section, but I think a whole backsplash would be too much for me.

Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous either way.  It looks lovely. 

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I know the counters can be done inexpensively, and think it's great that you and your brother are able to do them. From reading further along in the thread, it seems that you both really know what you're doing. That's super. I fear we're not terribly handy, and that's a big understatement.


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Enjoy......and use it in good health

(the view from the window is fabulous!)


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Hard to believe the difference!  The new counters, appliances and floors make those look like completely different cabinets--absolutely updates them.

Good job!


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oooh, it is delightful!  ...and I echo the view-out-the-kitchen-window envy!  My Mom loved to watch nature from her kitchen window (you just never know what'll cross your view...).  I bet you'll be able to get into real kitchen mischief now;-)
WTG, MM!  Some folks (like you) are able to visualize the "after" easily, others (like me) need a little guidance.  Congratulations!