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Thanksgiving souvenir = scratched pan

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I have a heavy Nordic Ware frying pan with a grill on one side and plain griddle side. I have had over 30 years and it has acquired a black patina like cast iron. We had lots of family and lots of cooks for Thanksgiving and something must have badly burned and it was cleaned with real gusto and scrapping. The flat griddle side has several areas where the black is gone and the aluminum is shining . Any ideas how to restore it or do I just wait for time and use to restore it. I no longer have instructions for its care. It was the model with the thermometer in the handle that never worked. Anyone remember it ?

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Haven't seen it (with the thermometer) but I think you just have to wait--assuming that the "black" is not a coating to the aluminum, but just a bulldup of cooked on stuff. I doubt it will affect the cooking qualities.  Didn't know that could happen.


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That is exactly what I thought. Thanks