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Small pans on a Dacor or DSC stovetop

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I'm looking to buy a new range, and will likely end up with a Dacor or DCS.  One complaint I've heard is that the burners are designed for large cookware.  I'm generally cooking for 4 people, and using smallish pans (1, 1.5, and 3 quart saucepans on a regular basis).  Apparently if the pan is too small, the flames go up the side where they don't do as much good.

For those of you who have one of these stoves...Is this a valid concern?  I do use my 1 quart saucepan (with a 4.5 inch base) regularly - both for lower heat stuff like making sauces, or for higher heat things like boiling a small quantiy of something in water (i.e. frozen peas).

  Will I run into a problem with pans that small?  Will they only work on the lowest setting (fine for sauces, but not boiling frozen peas)?  Is one model better for that than the other?  Should I look for a different brand?

Unfortunately, I don't live close enough to any of the dealers to go try it out -- I realize that would be the best solution.

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I've got an 8-yr old 5-burner Dacor Preference cooktop. The two smallest burners do just fine with the 1.5-qt saucepan and my 6-in fry pan -- heating frozen peas, frying an egg, toasting nuts, making couscous, etc.  The medium-sized burners handle my 4- and 6-qt saucepans fine to blanch vegetables, make tomato sauce, etc. and I even put my 7-qt pasta pot on it to boil.  No problems.  The large burner is my workhorse for my 8-in and up pots and pans.  High heat for my wok.  It's low is still too hot for a slow simmer, so I move my pans to one of the small or medium burners for that. 

I've found that I use every burner for different tasks, with excellent results.  Sometimes I wish I had another big burner...but I make do just fine.  Love my Dacor. 

FYI, my mother has a 10-yr old DCS and has struggled with it all those years for just the reasons you bring up.  Flames up the sides of the pans.  Difficult to control low heat and adjust to medium heat (clicks all the time).  Hopefully they've improved over the years, but it wouldn't be on my top 3 list.

Good luck!