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Slip-up in the gadget aisle

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So I decided I would finally buy one of those hand-held Zyliss cheese/chocolate drum graters (like they use to grate extra Parmesan cheese on your plate at the table at the Olive Garden, for lack of a better description). Problem is, I grabbed the wrong box and bought a Zyliss herb mill instead. Looks sort of like the hand-crank nut chopper I have, only less-useful. I can't think of a single thing I would use this for, but trying to return things here is a real headache, and it cost close to $19, so I don't want to just pitch it.

Any suggestions on what to use the herb mill for, given that I don't have easy access to fresh herbs (I have to buy them one leaf at a time to use as a garnish, and it costs me a bundle)? Anyone have a spare cheese grater they want to trade for an herb mill??

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My mom bought my brother and me Zyliss cheese graters after a trip to the Olive Garden in Florida when we visited her. We love that "shred" cut from the Zyliss.

Unfortunately, aside from chopping nuts, there is not much you can do with the herb chopper (especially if you have any capacity food processor).

My advice? Return it, no matter what kind of headache it takes - you can get your Zyliss cheese grater if that's what you really want.

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I own the zyliss herb grater and love it. My advice is to keep it, plant a couple of pots of fresh herbs in the summer, and then use the grater.It washes up in the dishwasher and makes using fresh hebs every night a very easy matter!

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Just bought the seeds for basil and oregano this weekend. Thanks for the advice!

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I find an herb mill bruises/destroys herbs and it's not heavy enough for a page holder in cookbooks.