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sharpening stone

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I am looking for a good stone, preferablly one that uses water rather than oil. Or is that important? Does anyone have a source? Thanks.


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Yes. Try this, James.

I buy all my knives and knife stuff there. They also have great sales sometimes. When I was in culinary school we all bought our knives at PCD.

I have a stone that has a smooth and rough side, and mine uses honing oil instead of water. I like it better than water stones, but that's my preference.

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You may want to also post this with the toothpicks. My DH is a carver and has a waterstone to keep me cutting pretty.

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Late entry, but when I use a stone (handed down to me from Dad), it's a waterstone.

I mostly use the electric chef's sharpening tool with the diamond edged sharpening blades. A quick pass thru the lightest setting for weekly upkeep, and twice a year the full 3 blade experience.

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Wolv, is the electric sharpener that you mention above the
i name
of the sharpening tool? - I'm interested. I have stones and that stick-thing I got w/Wusthof. What's the difference, anyone?...

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The stones and sharpening device put a new edge on your knives. The "stick-thing" is called a "steel" and it hones and maintains your edge. You only need to sharpen your knives a few times a year. You should hone your knife whenever you use it.

I have a daimond steel I bought bought from PCD. I love it.

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The electric sharpener hones & maintains the edge on your knives on its last set of diamond encrusted sharpeners. It's available in the Chef's Choice cataglog, one even does serrated edges now - so they say.

Mine just has "Chef's Choice" on the side.