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Sauce reference

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Mean Chef: I purchased the text you referred me to quite some time ago with reference to the technique of a wine reduction sauce. I purchased the second edition of Sauces Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making by Peterson. I had the first edition which had little about wine reduction sauces. The second edition is much more thorough but I have had several unanswered questions.
Please comment on my current technique:
I usually begin by reducing 1 750ml. or 1 1500ml. (magnum) bottle of Chardonay, or Cabernet--The text gives recommendations of the type of wine which is optimal. This volume of wine is reduced with a scrap of fish or meat in the wine with which the sauce will be served eventually. I reduce the wine very slowly (often 2-4hours). This can then be cooled and used in the sauce days later if stored properly.
#2.Celery, Shallots,and a variety of other produce is diced and caramalized under high heat.
#3.I usually add 1 cup of appropriate stock and reduce with the above diced vegtables. This is then strained with the sauce being returned to the pan.
#4.Another cup of stock is added and reduced down to 30 - 50% of original volume.
#5.The wine reduction sauce described above is added (1 cup) and this is reduced until the sauce begins to thicken
#6.Usually at this point I have added fresh herbs and simmered this for another 10 minutes until the desired body of the sauce is reached.
#7.Pepper and possibly salt may be added at this point.
#8.I have heard 1 tablespoon of butter can be added at this point just before serving to enhance the "smoothness" of the sauce.
Question:---Any constructive comments? I have not been able to find a lot of information on the exact technique of such a sauce preparation. I have had two or three intense and wonderful tasting sauces using this technique--You can imagine the flavor of the sauce is truly intense and bold and has been wonderful with Salmon, Pork Chops 1.5 inches thick and thick cut rib-eye steak. I have occasionally Pan fried the entree in the sauce pan, deglazed and then caramalized the onions, etc.
I would welcome your thoughts