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I need help finding some place in the USA to re-tin my copper pots and pans. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


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Yep. There's a place here in California which accepts pots from all over the USA I believe.
Peninsula Plating Works
230 Homer Ave, Palo Alto, Ca 94301
Phone 650-326-7825

Their work is good, but they don't clean the pots for you. The copper comes back really grubby and the first thing you have to do is shine them up again.

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Well, maybe this is a good place to post a need that I have. Re-enamelling. I have an old, irreplaceable cooking/serving dish that badly needs new enamel.

If you can do re-tinning in the States from Australia, can you do re-enamelling for Canada?


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Re - re-enamelling.. I've never heard of it but I have a precious pot or three that need it too. How about calling the manufacturers like Le Creuset?
And, Peter, your info on liqueurs was great.