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Pressure Cooker Testing Flawed

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Pressure Cooker Testing Flawed (post #70841)

The article in the current FC issue on pressure cooker tests is seriously flawed. While the stated method of testing and scoring was purportedly based on performance and user features, that was not the case. Instead, the cookers were sorted into four price categories, then the best in each catgory was chosen as the winner. This leaves open the question, "Were some of the mid-priced cookers, say, better than the high or low-priced models?" I would guess that there's a high probability that's the case. Kuhn Rikon, for example, which makes some of the best mid-priced pressure cookers, was not mentioned. To state one method of testing, then to use another, yields what's known as a hoax. The current editorial leadership of FC continues to disappoint.

Update: Please don't think that I somehow have a connection to Kuhn Rikon; I have none whatsoever. I have simply used their pressure cookers and have found them to be extremely well made and great performers. Among others I've used, and on a strictly objective basis, the Kuhn Rikons are fantastic and at the head of the pack. The problem here is that FC has "outsourced" their equipment testing to some amateur organization that either doesn't know what they're doing, or are instead following the dictates of FC. Ask yourself this: Why weren't the four "losers" mentioned? The answer: Cowardice by the FC advertising department.

As I said, the staff disappoints.....

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I can't read the article and (post #70841, reply #1 of 3)

I can't read the article and don't subscribe any more-=and won't buy it. But your characterizing Kuhn Rikon as mid price PC surprises me.  Pretty expensive to me.

I have a TFal I paid $40 for on Amazon and absolutely love it. On the other board there is always much discussion of PCs with many many liking the Fagor that has two pots for about $70.  And another member that likes her electric programmable one.

I wonder if you have a vested interest since you seem to have a bent toward the KR. 

Personally dividing them into price categories would work for me. I understand the top one was a Fissler (never heard of it) at a whopping $265.  I'd have to eat a lot of beans to afford that one.

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Gretchen, Kuhn Rikon has got (post #70841, reply #2 of 3)

Gretchen, Kuhn Rikon has got a new "budget" model, the Ecomatic, which can be found at some places at just under $100.

I have both the Kuhn Rikon (Duromatic) and the Fisslers (three models, two only available in Europe).  I have not read the article, but if the choice was based on features, then the Fisslers would have a little more than the minimalist, yet powerful, Kuhn Rikon - there is a European model from Fissler, with even more features (three pressure selections and four ways to terminate pressure cooking!) but it's at a premium price point!

I agree, that an overall winner should be stated, and then also list the winner at each price point - to help the budget concious!

I'll have to see if I can get my little hands on a copy of the article!


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Hip pressure cooking (post #70841, reply #3 of 3)

Hi there-- your blog looks cool!  I need to get on better terms with my pressure cooker!