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President's Choice Roasting pan

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President's Choice Roasting pan (post #55828)

I saw this pan yesterday in the store for $25. It looks sturdy, is heavy, handles and rack look great. It's 16 x 12 x 3.8 inches. The bad is that it's made of heavy gauge carbon steel with a ceramic non-stick coating. Since it's just for roasting turkey and very little else, would this be a good buy?

Obviously the All-clad is a great pan. But considering how infrequent I would use such a large pan, I'm hesitant to buy that one.

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Looks good to me. For use only a couple times a year, I'd go for it.

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I would definitely go for it.  I only bought the AllClad pan because I found a store going out of business and got a super deal on it.  Since the one you're looking at also has a rack, why worry about nonstick?  The little bits which stick to the bottom make the best gravy, anyway.

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I got one on amazon (of course) for that or a little less. The one I got has straight sides (and the rack) and I think will be good for lasagna also.  I use big roasting pans all the time--2 chickens, pre-baking ribs, beef roasts, etc. Not a once a year deal at all.



A variety here if you want a different choice/shape/etc.

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