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pizzelle maker

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I actually found a never used pizzelle maker in a second hand store this weekend for $2.95. We are getting a puppy, and we were looking in second hand stores for a used playpen. And there is was, sitting next to hundreds of used Mr. Coffees and George Foreman grills. I tried to ignore it. But I found a playpen and it the pizzelle maker just happened to fall into my cart. Imagine my surprise at the checkout.

1. I do not need it.

2. I do not have room in my already bulging kitchen for it.

3. I broke my cardinal rule of not buying anything that cannot multi-task.

But it was $2.95 and it was brand new!! How could I possibly walk away? I do not possess that amount of willpower.

Anyway, now that I have it I have found one recipe in Nick Malgieri's "Great Italian Desserts" Does anyone know anything about these? I'm trying to channel my inner Italian, but I'm English, Irish, Scottish, and Lithuanian and it's not working.

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Here's a video of Malgieri and Julia Child making them ...  I also have a couple of books with pizzelle recipes at home - can't vouch for them, cuz I don't have a pizzelle maker, but I'd be happy to post them if you want.


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OOOHHH!!!! You're my best friend today. Thanks so much.

I've found some pretty good recipes thus far. Thanks for the offer. It was the technique that I was after!

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It was fate. You needed it and just didn't realize. $2.95 is less than one package of cookies, let alone the cost of purchased pizzelles. Think of all the money you'll be saving over your lifetime.

There, feel better? That's what we're here for :)

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I LOVE the rationalizations here!

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That's our job! If CTers can convince others to buy a $4000 stove, a $3 pizzelle maker is a breeze. And you'll be a huge hit with the kids.


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It was three bucks well spent! I'm getting excited about all of the things I can make. And I will find SOME place for it. Maybe under my bed, because there sure isn't any more room in my kitchen cabinets.

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Lucky you. I had a pizzelle maker years ago where I could reverse the grids and it was a waffle iron. About a year ago I purchased another one, a non stick Villaware for $40, to make pizzelles for my grandkids since my kids liked the ones I made for them years ago. I make the traditional ones with vanilla and a Southern Italian style with Anis. I also make gingerbread and pumpkin (which is a big hit with the grands). There are many kinds in the recipe book that came with my pizzelle iron. The recipes make a large batch and cook within a couple of minutes. Some of the recipes include, Almond, Chocolate and Swirl, Cappuccino, Maple Walnut, Alle Nocciole, and Orange Rum.

When I made them for my kids, I dusted the tops of the cookie with either powdered or granulated sugar. I don't put sugar on the tops of the ones I make for all of my grands. My kids don't give their kids much sugar. I think in Italy when Pizzelles are made for holidays they are dusted with sugar. There are probably some good recipes on line for pizzelles. I hope you enjoy your pizzelle iron.

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Hi: I also was lucky enough to get what looks like an unused Villware Pizzelle maker ($3.95) Would you share your recipe, esp. for the Almond or the Orange Rum? Know this might be an imposition, but some of these recipes are difficult to find. TIA, Gloria

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Orange Butter Rum  Pizzelles

3 eggs, room temperature, 1 c. sugar, 1/2 c. butter melted and cooled, 2 tsp. rum, 2 tsp. orange peel (finely grated), 2 c. flour

Beat eggs with sugar, add the cooled butter a little at a time, add the rum and peel. Gradually add enough flour to make a very light dough but  batter has to be stiff enough to be dropped from a spoon.


Sorry, I am really sick with a bad cold now so I am going to shorten this next recipe.....For Almond Pizzelles just  omit vanilla and anise from tranditional Italian recipe and sub 1 tablespoon of almond extract or 2 Tablespoons of amaretto. Add 1 c. of finely chopped or ground almonds to the batter.