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otr microwave & professional range -- Advice

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We finally upgraded our range to a professional one -- a 30" precision capital. And, now, we're trying to decide if it's at all possible to get an otr microwave or if it absolutely must have a hood. I realize that it's not ideal, but...In order to get a hood, we'll need to replace a cabinet. It addition to that not being ideal, our kitchen is also quite small, so there really isn't another good option for the microwave. We know that we'd need to replace our current 220 cfm model, but if we upgraded to one with 400 cfm or more, would that be at all successful? Again, I know it's not ideal, but is it at all doable? Has anyone done this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Don't know where you live, (post #68886, reply #1 of 3)

Don't know where you live, but the electric or gas contractor that installs it would never get a permit in this county (Montgomery County, MD). Current building codes absolutely require not only a hood, but it must be a certain capacity, determined by the max BTU's that the range can put out.

If you live in a small rural county that does not ridgidly enforce their building codes you might get away with it, but I doubt you can in a heavily populated area. Best bet is to talk with the people that sold you the range or the contractor that's going to install it.


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I've just redone a small (post #68886, reply #2 of 3)

I've just redone a small kitchen with 30" Viking range. I haven't got the hood and fan installed yet but it's a must. Any over-the-range fan or micro combo just do the job of a real vented hood. As mentioned, code is part of the equation; I don't have a microwave but won't be without venting fan.

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I'm not sure I am answering (post #68886, reply #3 of 3)

I'm not sure I am answering the right question, but my OTR microwave has a very puny venting system. It is not vented to the outside--basically a fan "recycling" air.