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Not Heavy Metal

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Recently A Cook's Wares had the All-Clad 12-inch fry pan with lid on sale. The sale price was good and since I already owned one, I thought I would purchase one for my son's birthday. When the fry pan arrived I unpacked it so as to see what the lid was like. (Since I did not have one for my 12-inch pan.) In handling the new fry pan something didn't feel right - it felt lighter.

So I brought out my best scale and weighed the two. The new pan was about 12% lighter than the one I purchased 4 years ago. Could it be why it was on sale or is All-Clad skimping across the board? Any one else notice any changes? Personally, I am disappointed.

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Are both the same exterior (post #69131, reply #1 of 4)

Are both the same exterior finish and the same inside laminate. Aluminum inner core is lighter than copper, anodized aluminum on the outside will be lighter than the stainless stell exterior.

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples, if both are exactly the same the I would send a note to All-Clad and ask them the same question.


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What Jim said. There are (post #69131, reply #2 of 4)

What Jim said. There are various "kinds"/models/grades of All Clad.

Recently saw an episode on a TV show about how things are made--that is almost the title of the series. It showed how an All Clad pan is made, and it was impressive. I still won't pay for one, but it was really interesting.

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They are (or at least are (post #69131, reply #3 of 4)

They are (or at least are supposed to be) the exact same pans. Same finish, same core, same diameter, same materials. I am aware of all the different material types and combination of materials that All-Clad offers but am not aware of different "grades".

Yes, how they make or clad the metals is rather interesting. I saw the same "How its Made" episode. My collection is limited to items that go on a helluva sale.

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Different types/names.