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Non-Reactive Materials

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I know Pyrex is non-reactive, but is
i all
glass non-reactive. Stainless steel is non-reactive, right? Then why can't I bring myself to marinate anything in a stainless steel bowl? Just the thought of it, puts my teeth on edge.

How about different kinds of plastics? I know aluminium is out, as is cast iron, right?


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I marinate all the time in stainless steel bowls so you can give your teeth a rest! Stainless, plastic and glass are all non-reactive. Cast Iron and aluminum are reactive and will react to acidic foods.
i Anodized
Aluminum (like Calphalon) on the other hand (I believe) is non-reactive. further complicate things, ceramic glazed cast iron (like Le Creuset) is also non-reactive.

If you have any unfinished or very old stoneware, I wouldn't marinate in them (or leave food in them for any length of time, even cooked) because there are lead concerns. (Not part of the original question, but I thought I'd offer it anyway :)

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And don't leave any booze in a crystal decanter for the same reason.

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Woah, I never thought of that Jean. Thanks for the tip. I'd forgotten that leaded crystal is actually
i leaded.

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Yeah, did I ever tell you about the time I had to have my bags searched on the way home from our wedding, because the airport x-ray machines showed two solid lumps of metal in our carry-on bags? Turns out that they couldn't see through the leaded crystal vases we were carrying, and we had to unpack them all the way (even unwrapping the tissue paper to show them there were no explosives hidden inside) before they would let us through. Of course, they were at the bottoms of the bags, wrapped up in dirty clothes and in their original boxes and wrappings to protect them from the flight. What a pain! Good thing we were early that day . . .

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A friend on a return from Poland had her packages confiscated and left to stand for 30 days in a bomb "warehouse" to see if they would explode. Polish crystal, it was.