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New Immersible Blender - Breville?

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I am interested in getting a new immersible blender as I cannot remove the blade to wash.  I looked at the Breville and curious about it.  Chef's Catalog is selling one for $30 more than WS which has a chopper.  Not sure if it is worth it.

Main concern is the power.  Appreciate any comments.



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I have a Braun that is a lot of watts, and cost $15 at Target I think.  The bottom half of the thing comes off and gets washed. No other attachments. Does what i need.  I found a KA on Amazon sale for about $30 that is heavier and has some other "stuff". I'm giving it to a kid when I next need a gift.

What do you think you will use it for.

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 If you have a Tuesday morning near you they have had many Breville appliances lately.  May be worth a drive-by or a call.
 I have a braun, as well, so I dont' know about Breville power.

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If you want lots of power you should get a Bamix.

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But I still contend there is a difference between "want" and '''need".


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Thanks everyone for your comments.  I went on Amazon to see if there were comments on the Breville.  There were, and they were very negative.  One person returned two of them as they lost power while in use.  Looks like Braun, KitchenAid are rated well.  Not familiar with Bamix though.


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I like my Bamix so much better than the one I had before.

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(post #55965, reply #8 of 12) always seems to be you, me, and Heather advocating for the Bamix. I almost want to buy one for Gretchen so she can see how "want" becomes "need" after you've used the Bamix for a bit. Dare I admit that I just bought another Bamix for me to use at work?


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And don't forget AP--if she checks into this thread she'll have everyone buying a Bamix! Aberwacky has one too.

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Heather beat me to it, but Aberwacky loves her Bamix.

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WEnt to the website, and I have to say it is pretty damn tempting, in spite of the fact that I have a perfectly functional Braun immersion blender.

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Add me to the Bamix fan club!

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