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New Hearth Breadstone Oven

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Has anyone used this new item? Could be wonderful (albeit expensive)> It is an electric oven that is lined with clay, so that it simulates a woodfired, stone oven. I have not read a single article about it, yet their promotional material quotes Charles Van Over. Does any one out there know about this? Is it worth it? Does it improve the flavor of the bread? Or it is just a ridiculously expensive gadget? Does anyone on the Fine Cooking staff know about this????

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This oven is quite small, takes a very long time to pre-heat (over half an hour), and doesn't hold anything larger than a loaf of bread! (I can't even fit a pizza in it!) I think that because it must be fit into my cabinetry, I would think carefully about installing it. Consider as well that if I change my mind in five years' time, I won't be able to fit another oven in its place because of its unusual dimensions

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Thank you for telling me about the Breadstone oven. I infer that you have one?? Despite your drawbacks, does it bake a better loaf of bread, or pizza? Why doesn't some one in la-la land make a gas or electric fired oven that you could make this brick oven bread or pizza in? With all the fancy/expensive gadgets you would think htat some one would be developing this. Thanks again!