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New fridge - sky-high electric bill

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We just replaced the 20-yr old fridge here with a 18 cu ft (cause that's all that would fit) GE, top-mount freezer, no ice maker, nothing fancy. At the same time, we replaced the elctric stove and electric dryer with gas appliances. Imagine my surprise when this month's electric bill was $80 more than last month. From $70 to $150. A little increase I could have taken, but we got rid of two electric appliances. Other change was buying Neptune Horizontal axis washer. Not sure how much that would add, but to double the electric bill, it blows me away. Anyone else experience this?? I know that fridges are power hogs, but shouldn't a new one be more efficient. There's a "power saver" switch that I just shut off, but that means condensation on the fridge. I guess it means I'm heating the fridge at the same time I'm cooling it. At this rate, by the end of next year, I could buy another new fridge with the increased cost. P.S. No, I haven't switched on an air conditioner, the hot water is gas, the furnace is gas.

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Hmmm... most (if not all) new fridges come with an energy consumption 'sticker' on them when new. It should have given the average cost to run this appliance for a year under normal conditions. Did this indicate a yearly cost of ~$950 - $1000?? If it did not, compare your rate for KWH's to the one it used. If that is compatable, call customer service and ask if there is anything that can be done.

What was the consumption rate on the dishwasher?

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I got a sky high electric bill one month and the next they acknowledged it was a mistake of some kind. You can hope!!

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Well, Gretchen, that's what it was. I just couldn't believe the bill, called the appliance store, and they said no way could the fridge I bought add to consumption. Plus, the neptune clothes washer uses 1/4 to 1/3 the water, the dryer is now gas, and the stove gas. So, went outside to the meter, which Ontario Hydro had read on June 2 as being -7283- Today, on June 19, it still reads only -7216- So, 17 days later, I still haven't used what they said I had used back then. And this was a READING, NOT an estimate.
They will send someone out to read it again, just in case I'm not able to read it properly. (grrrrrrrr) I told them they owed me money, but she didn't laugh. All's well that ends well.